Queue Buster

The only Queue bot you will need to get all your tickets, shoes, or PS5's.

Bust faster

Everything you need to get into queues

Falco Queue Buster has a variety of features to make it as easy and most likely you get in the store in time.

Easy to use

FQB is easy to use, and is well documented in case you do not quite understand it yet.

Active Development

With constant changes to the queues, the developers push constant updates to keep everything working.

Unlimited Tasks and Queues

You are in control. There is no limit on how many tasks for a queue, or queues you want to run.

Sharing is caring!

Soon you will be able to share queues with others, while still being able to use it. So everyone will get in the shop in time!

Using the most common providers

With Capmonster, Anti-captcha and 2Captcha along with AYCD support, you will never be without a provider.

Success directly into your Discord DM's

Just set up a discord webhook, and links are directly send to your Discord account.

Some supported stores are: Playstation Direct, Footlocker, Snipes, New Balance, Champs, AXS, Luther Burbank Center, Ticketmaster* and many more!

* only outside of the US