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About Falco Queue Buster

Falco Queue buster started as a simple queue buster for AMD and Playstation. Since those shops use a generic queue software, FQB could be used on many more stores. Throughout the shortages FQB became populair and scored a lot of GPU's and Playstations for its users.

After the shortages we started focussing on the other shops. With constant updates and fast support we try to bring botting to the general public, and allow people to buy the shoes they wanted, the tickets that were "impossible" to get, or playstations that are out of stock in seconds.

Example site list:

  • Playstation Direct Globally
  • Footlocker
  • Snipes
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Yeezy
  • Kids Footlocker
  • Champs
  • AXS
  • Ticketmaster (outside US)
  • Luther Burbank Center
  • Many more

Join the community

The Falco Queue Buster comunity is active on discord in a channel on the Falcodrin Comunity server

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