Installation and Requirements


FQB requires a few things to work for some queues. Requirements:

  • FQB: A licence to the software
  • Hardware: Mac or Windows device. (linux support coming soon)
  • Captha solvers: Access and money on some captcha solves. See Captcha solvers.
  • Internet: A network connection.
  • Proxies: Required for any queue you want to run more than 100 tasks on. See Proxies.

note: captcha solvers are not always required, and depend on the queue.

FQB licence

FQB is subscription based, and a license can be bought using Right now, only credit card is an option. Buy link is located on the home page


Installing FQB is quite easy. Download the latest release with the button in the top right.

Download the .exe for windows and the .zip for Mac. The install guide will be for windows.

After downloading, open the .exe. You will be greeted with a warning, but you can click to take the risk. This warning is only there because the software is not signed by Microsoft. It can not harm your computer.

The installation process will take place, and after a minute or so the program will open automatically. The first screen you see is the login screen. Enter your email and license here, and click "Bind Key".

image test

Well, that was it, installation complete.

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