Installation and Requirements

Some people use FQB completely wrong, resulting in no queue's and nothing to buy. Here is how to use it correctly.

General Settings

In the main screen of FQB, you have a lot of options on the left side.

First of all, Select a Queue. Here you select the drop that you want to use FQB for. Most big drops will be added to the list before it goes live. If it does not, ask around in the discord. For AMD, select AMD, your region, date. For testing select EA

Invite ID is a setting for PS5 invite-only drops. Here you enter your invite id if you have a mail.

Desired redirect URL Allows you to get redirected to a product after a link goes though. For some Shoe sites this is required, and when CA AMD did not show any products, this worked as well.

How many tasks to run? Here enter the amount of tasks you want to run. On slower computers, limit it to 100, and open multiple instances of the program instead. Opening multiple instances is better than more tasks.

Select Solvers Here you can select the solvers for those you have an API key saved. These are needed for all Captcha method's apart from "None". Selecting all is imo the best way to go.

Captcha method This is something that can change per drop, but most drops, use reCaptcha. Some shoe sites also use reCaptchaInvisible. Botdetect is never used, and None can be used on the EA queue for testing.

Send Succes to webhook? If you have your Discord webhook set up, and want to use it, enable it.

Use enqueue token? Enqueue tokens are required for some sites like AMD. Autodetect will soon take care of this.

Use Proxies? well, do you have proxies and do you want to use them enable it (REQUIRED FOR AMD)

Use AYCD? Select this if you have AYCD set up, and would like to use it.

Wait to redirect? If you get a lot of invalidated tickets in a queue, enable this option. It makes sure queues aren't completed, and you complete them manually in your browser. Use for AMD!

After all this, select EA as queue, and test every captcha provider once, using method reCaptcha. You don't have to test it with 100+ queues, 1 is enough to see it function. If it works, you will see a queue like this

Example queue on EA


Harvester is a window that shows a reCaptcha. All captchas solved in harvester are 2 min valid. So if a drop with reCaptcha starts 15:55, start 15:53 with solving, start the tasks on 15:55, and continue solving.