Captcha and Proxies


What are proxies

Proxies are basically like a VPN, but used by every task. This lets the site you are botting think you come from multiple IP's, and it will reduce softblocks this way. A necessity for AMD at the moment, and nice for other queue's as well.

For all this, you want residential proxies paid per GB of data used. ISP proxies are fine too, but too exensive per IP compared to residentials.

The list of proxy providers are endless, but here are some we like to use.

Using IPRoyal worked fine for me, and the price seems good. Otherwise SmartProxy from AYCD seems to be the best right now.

Importing Proxies

In the proxy tab, import the proxy list. On most dashboards you can generate a list, and set that to 100, and with the config {IP}:{Port}:{Login}:{Password} You can use the test function, but don't do this 30 min before the drop. For multiple instances, import a different list of 100 every time.