Captcha and Proxies

Captcha solvers

For FQB to work in most drops, you want to have captcha solvers. Some stores won't need them, but manual solve alone is not fast enough for most stores.

Currently supported providers

Here is a list and link to all supported Captcha providers. It's best practice going with all of them, to have the highest change. Solvers can go down during drops.

For the providers you choose to get, add some money on them. They are not free sadly.

Every provider has a key, enter them in the settings page in the text box for that provider. CapMonster and 2Captch call the keys “API Keys”, Anti-Captcha calls it “Account Key”.

This is how the "Recaptcha Solvers" menu will look after entering the API keys. The settings menu after entering Captcha keys

AYCD Support

For anyone already using AYCD continue, anyone else, I don't think this will be worht it for you. This requires Toolbox and Autosolve

What AYCD toolbox + Autosolve will do for you. (ONLY FQB USECASE, it can do much more)

  • Training Google accounts to have faster captcha solves. (you need to get the google accounts yourself)
  • Better manual solve
  • Allowing you to import more captcha solvers (you still need to pay them)

With Autosolve AI, it can solve for you. This is another $30 though, but take a look here what it does, and see for yourself.


On their website, create an Autosolve bot API key for every instance you plan on running. Copy paste these keys into FQB, all under different names. Afterwards, copy your "Acces Token" into the given field, and you are done.

For every instance of FQB you will need to select a different key afterwards, and select "save".

Installation and Requirements